We found the absence of a blog that succinctly told us about the happenings in the design community. At times when we were offline for an extended period, we found ourselves failing to catch up with the community , missing out the great products and artworks that were made in the meantime. A site that tracks and archives the status quo of community the regularly seemed to be non-existent. Hence we set out to built one by ourselves. We really hope that this will help you to catch up with the happenings in the design community at times when you go off the grid. We also invite your contribution to our site. If you think that there is something missing from the site or we have failed to record an important information, feel free to send us a mail at hi@prabros.com

Our Design Philosophy

We see this venture as an opportunity for ourselves in improving our skills in design and language. This is our experiment in typography, grid and in achieving zero user interface chrome. We have tried to bring about a user interface with zero chrome in the interface : making use of only typographic treatment and simple glyphs throughout. We believe that this will give maximum focus to the content. We have got inspired from the work of a lot of great artists in building this site. Their names in no particular order : Josef Müller-Brockmann, Dieter Rams, The Sofa Team

About Us

We are Prathyush and Pranav from Kerala, India. We share a common passion for beautiful things and solving problems. We also run a small boutique called Iconsutra where we provide Icon and UI design services. You may also check our work at Dribbble :


Built on Macs with Photoshop, KickOff and Textmate