The Last Rocket Lifts Off

The Last Rocket

Shaun Inman, indie developer of apps like Horror Vacui 2 and NoiseES launched his next iOS game, The Last Rocket. Shaun has single handedly done the design, code and music for the app. Using the old school 8-bit look and chiptune soundtracks he has created a thoroughly engaging world for the users. gameplay is challenging. The protagonist of last rocket is Flip, an anthropomorphized rocket who is trying to escape from a ship that is moving towards star. This puzzle-platformer is now available on the app store. Shaun has also promised a full soundtrack of the game to be released soon.

Heroes and Villains Iconset

heroes and villains

David Lanham, one of the greatly talented artists of design industry has teased us with two new shots in Dribbble featuring heroes and villains. The line-up includes superheroes and villains from hollywood movies as well as comics universe . The set is purported to be available this Tuesday. We will be updating this space with the set release.

Dribbble iPhone App

Dribbble App

Dribbble is show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. The developers of the site have teased with the first screens of its iPhone app. It sports the power of CSS media queries to deliver a better, adaptive Dribble experience.

Lion GUI Kits Abound

Lion GUI Kits

The Mac OSX Lion had hit the Mac App Store last month and the GUI has been polished drastically. In order to help fellow artists in the software industry with their mockup designs, quite a few Lion OSX GUI kits from professional designers have appeared on dribbble in the last few days. Notable ones include the kit from Jonathan Castro, the designer of CloudApp which covers most of the UI elements from the Lion OSX. Another notable one is from the russian designer Kamil Khayadev. Check out Dribbble for more.

Valiocon 2011 Videos

Valiocon Icon

Valiocon 2011 was a design and development conference held in San Diego, California from May 13th- May 15th. Some of the great professional artists in the design indunstry shared tips and inspirations with people. The roster includes professionals such as Anton Zykin (Founder of Icon design company, Softfacade), Rogie King ( User interface designer at KomodoMedia) , Dave Hill (photographer), Ethan Dunham (web developer, font designer) , Brad Smith (, Mike Rundle ( ,Dmitry Tsozik (lead designer at SoftFacade), David Kaneda, Jina Bolton, Chris Lea. These videos are now available for free from the site. The illustration used as the coverart is the work of Dmitry from one of the workshops.

Alter Ego Pixel Portraits

Pixel Hero Portraits

Kajdax, who does Illustrations/Animations/Icon Designs at KM Playground has a new gig. He is drawing alter ego portraits in pixel art style which will be a perfect fit for your twitter and other social media avatars. You can view some sample of his works currently over at Dribbble and Twitter. You can request for a portrait by mailing him at : info(at)kajdax(dot)de